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TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

Sydney R. Coleman, MD  |  Mary Lombardi, PA-C

It’s always a big deal in the media when a celebrity decides to have a breast reduction, and it may seem counterproductive to society’s expectations of feminine beauty to reduce the size of your breasts. The truth is that over 100,000 American women underwent breast reduction surgery in 2016 alone. If you are fed up with your cumbersome breasts, here are 4 reasons to have a breast reduction.

1. Chronic Back and Neck Pain

The most common reason women seek out breast reduction surgery is because their breasts are extremely heavy. A weighty bosom can impact the quality of your posture, which places pressure on your spine. You might consider surgery if you are tired of living with the constant aches caused by the weight of your breasts.

2. Unbalanced Appearance

Larger breasts on women, especially those with petite frames, can create an unbalanced appearance. Your breasts may cause you to appear top heavy or otherwise disproportionate. You may feel that your breasts cause you to look heavier than you actually are. Undergoing breast reduction surgery can restore more balanced proportions between your bustline, waist, and hips.

3. Your Breasts Limit Your Physical Activity

Cumbersome breasts may impact the type of activities you perform. It may be that you aren’t comfortable wearing a bathing suit, so you don’t go swimming, or discomfort keeps you from running, jumping, and doing yoga. Physical discomfort may make you cut your activity time short, and emotional discomfort can prevent you from engaging at all. Many women who choose breast reduction surgery find that they live fitter and healthier lifestyles because they can participate in regular physical activity.

4. Clothing Fits Poorly

A common issue among women with bigger breasts is finding clothing that fits them properly. Some women wish to dress more modestly because the curves of their breasts draw attention no matter what type of clothing they wear. For others, the proportions of their breasts make it difficult to find shirts and dresses that fit and flatter their body. Having breasts that are well-balanced with the rest of your body can open new clothing opportunities that you never even imagined were possible.

Breast reduction surgery can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional well-being. Only you can decide if a breast reduction would improve your quality of life. To get more information on the benefits and process of a breast reduction, schedule your consultation today. You can contact us at (212) 571-5200 or contact us online.