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TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

Sydney R. Coleman, MD  |  Mary Lombardi, PA-C

Serene looking model with healthy brown hair relaxing on beach on vacationWith summer quickly coming to a close, it might be time to assess the damage caused by your fun in the sun. Even when wearing sunscreen, your skin can still feel the effects of sun damage. Whether it feels dried-out, dull, and lifeless, or you have started to develop sunspots, you want your skin to feel refreshed for the coming months. Non-surgical skin treatments are the easy way to recover from your summer.

Chemical Peels for a Refreshed Appearance

Chemical peels are a great way to bring life to dull skin. Light peels work to treat surface problems by removing dead skin cells. They gently clean the pores that may be clogged from oily sunscreen. Medium strength peels are also available that work deeper into the skin to treat brown spots, pigmentation issues, and wrinkles.

Laser Treatments

For more penetrating or wider treatment areas, laser treatments may be what you need. Laser treatments target the deeper structures of the tissue to eliminate brown and red sunspots. Since your face isn’t the only part of your body that can experience sun damage, laser treatments may be ideal if you need correction on your neck, chest, and hands as well.

Undergoing Treatments After Summer

It is often recommended that more intense treatments, such as chemical peels and laser treatments, are performed after summer. Avoiding direct sun exposure is necessary to the healing process following your treatment, which is better achieved when the weather turns cooler. Undergoing treatments in the fall can also leave you with a beautiful complexion just in time for the holidays.

Maintain Your Results

Post-summer refreshing doesn’t always last forever. As the weather gets colder, you become more prone to dull, chapped skin. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and moisturized well into the winter months to keep that revitalized appearance around as long as possible.

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