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TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

Sydney R. Coleman, MD  |  Mary Lombardi, PA-C

ASPS Trustee Special Achievement Award
ASPS Chicago -2014 Established in 1976, this award is given to an outstanding physician who has brought credit and distinction to plastic surgery through clinical practice and application, community and civic accomplishments, organization and executive performance, or teaching and research

Autologous Enhancement
Surgical Aesthtics
Pioneer Sydney Coleman Journal of the International Consortium of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery ISPRES April 2013

Sydney Coleman featured as a pioneer of plastic surgery in an extensive, in-depth interview.

The Trend Setter
Plastic Surgery Practice An in depth report on Sydney Coleman’s education, his unique consultations and the use of LipoStructure®. The reporter also describes Dr. Coleman’s superior results, personal activities, travels & extensive lecturing.

Love for Plastic Surgery Had Serendipitous Start
Cosmetic Surgery Times A reporter delves into Dr. Coleman’s background, his personal interests, his motivations for becoming a plastic surgeon, and how he developed LipoStructure®

Surgery will restore normal look to soldiers’ injured faces
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2009 Dr. Sydney Coleman travels regularly to the University of Pittsburg Medical Center treat facial and cranial war casualties with Coleman Fat Grafts

Complementing Beauty
New Beauty Dr. Sydney Coleman and Dr. Alesia Saboeiro on working together.

Angry Plastic Surgery Patients Vent Online: Doctors on Damage Control
New York Magazine 2010 How any surgeon’s good reputation can be ruined by one angry patient.

Improve me
Elle Magazine 1996 Sydney Coleman interviewed by Elle. Described as a blond Kevin Kline “look-alike”.

Negative web logs targeting surgeons increasing
Plastic Surgery News New York plastic surgeon, Sydney Coleman, MD is interviewed about his experience with Internet attacks.

Stem Cells are the new transplants
Salute This article is written in Italian. Dr Coleman, Conference Co- President for the International Conference on Regenerative Surgery.

Under Your Skin
W Magazine May 2013 W Magazine discusses Sydney Coleman’s use of fat grafts for facial rejuvenation by improving the quality of skin and increasing collagen.

Restoration Realized Cosmetic Surgery Times May 2012

Experience with fat grafting shows it has regenerative effects on aged and damaged skin and underlying structures like muscle.

The New World of Cellular Healing New You Magazine October 2011

>Doctors are using adult stem cells for everything from providing natural facelifts to healing damaged heart tissue.

Structural Fat Grafting: More Than a Permanent Filler
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Sept 2006 Surgeons have observed that transplanted fat not only reverses the damage caused by aging and sun but also improves conditions such as radiation damage, chronic ulceration, breast capsular contracture, and damaged vocal cords. The role of fat-derived stem cells is becoming more obvious. This paper describes our early discoveries of the amazing abilities of grafted fat.

Repair Revolution: Surgeons use fat grafts to address extensive facial deformities
ENT Today September 2011 Fat grafting can be used to restore a normal appearance in patients with severe contour defects of the face resulting from cancer surgery, radiation and combat injuries.

Stem cells & facial rejuvenation
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2010 Stem cells in grafted fat improve normal and irradiated skin thickness, texture and color.

Forever Youngish
New You Magazine Stem cells in grafted fat improve scarring and burns.

Stem Cells and the Regenerative Potential of Transplanted Fat
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery News 2008 Sydney Coleman talks about stem cells, and how he realized the regenerative possibilities of fat grafting.

Experience with fat grafting as soft tissue filler shows regenerative effects on aged, damaged skin
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2012
A Comparison of Lipoatrophy and Aging: Volume Deficits in the Face
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2009 Loss of volume in the face in the normal aging process and HIV – associated lipoatrophy: how fat grafting restores volume.

Stem Cell Facelifts
Vogue Magazine 2011 When you put fat under the skin, you see a change that’s beyond filling: Not only does it plump it out a bit but it improves the color and tone of the skin and decreases wrinkles and pore size.

Anatomy of the Aging Face: volume loss and changes in 3-dimensional topography
Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2006
Facial Augmentation with Structural Fat Grafting
Clinics in Plastic Surgery 2006
Face Lifting with Fat
Dermatology Times 2004
Fill’er Up!
New York Times 2006
Natural Born Fillers
W Magazine
Plastic Surgery Gets a New Look
New York Times
Body’s recycled fat smooths aging process
Slimmer Belly and Bigger Bust
First Magazine
Fat’s New Frontier
W Magazine
Fat Grafting to the Breast Revisited:
Safety and Efficacy 2006
Breakthrough in Breast Enlargements: Using a Woman’s Own Body Fat
Canadian Medical Spas
Natural Enhancement
Surgical Aesthetics 2012 Growing acceptance of autologous fat transfer to the breast enables surgeons to tackle more complex problems.

Reversal of Fortune
Plastic Surgery Practice 2012 Fat grafting to the breasts makes a comeback.

The Surgeon Who Injects Women with Fat
Sunday London Times 2011 Don’t throw away that liposuctioned fat – put it in your face, breasts or bottom!

Trend: Fat Grafting for Breast Enhancement 2013 Increasing the size of breasts with a patient’s own fat is a quickly rising topic on the radar screens of plastic surgeons and patients worldwide. Q&A with Dr. Coleman.

Pump Up The Volume
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2012 The addition of fat grafting for volumetric enhancement in the face and body has become mainstream in cosmetic surgery.

Your Own Fat, Relocated
New York Times 2009 Fat grafting to the breast is determined to be safe and effective.

Blow Up
Vogue Magazine Fillers and fat are not just for the face: enhancing body parts with fat.

Lipostructure for Buttock Enhancement and Reconstruction
About Face
The Fat Came Back
Self Magazine
Correction of Liposuction Deformities
About Face
Body Shaping Innovations: Creating Contours goes high-tech
New You Magazine 2011
Flexing the Fat: Turning fat into muscle
New You Magazine 2011 Using grafted fat to enhance muscle? An alternative to Silicone implants.

Beefing up Biceps with Fat
Longevity Magazine. 1993
All About Hands
Cosmetic Surgery Times Structural fat grafting does more than just fill; it also rejuvenates and thickens skin.

Turning Back the Hands of Time
New York Daily News
Excess body fat can improve appearance of hands
Fat injections add more than volume to hands Cosmetic Surgery Times 2005 Stem cells play significant role in rejuvenating skin

Rejuvenating aged hands with fat grafting
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2005
Dr Sydney Coleman
bellezaMEDICA This article is written in Spanish. We are discovering fascinating possibilities of the abilities of repair from lipofilling.

Sydney Coleman about Lipostructure & Fat Grafting Q&A with Sydney R. Coleman, M.D. on Fat Grafting and his special technique.

Towards more rationalized approach to autologous fat grafting
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 2012 Objective,scientific evidence to support the use of specific techniques used by Sydney R. Coleman, MD in fat grafting.

Simple fat transfer approach avoids sharp needlesDermatology Times.

How technique depended is fat graft viability?
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2009 Gentle suctioning of fat is important for graft survival.

Fat is Beautiful: Your Own Tissue Can be Used to Restore the fullness of Youth
Elevate Magazine 2003
Fat Transfer
Medesthetics 2010 Improved techniques and new devices are leading a revival autologous fat transfer procedures.

Fat Grafting Revisited: ASPS’ Fat Graft Task Force updates position on safety of autologous fat grafting to the breast
Cosmetic Surgery Times 2009 The ASPS says fat grafting to the breasts is safe.

Cosmetic Injections: Can They Cause Blindness?
Allure Magazine 2012 How to avoid this serious complication.