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TriBeCa Plastic Surgery

Sydney R. Coleman, MD  |  Mary Lombardi, PA-C

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation provides women with a long lasting solution to unsatisfactory breast size, shape, or projection. TriBeCa Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of breast augmentation techniques to help women get the fullness and profile they desire.

Thinking About Having Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Your Breast Augmentation Options

TriBeCa Plastic Surgery will evaluate your natural body type and breast shape to determine the best options to achieve your breast enhancement goals.

Fat Transfer

  • Harvests fat from problem areas of the body, purifies the fat, and then injects it into the breasts
  • Creates a natural, subtle increase in breast size
  • Provides body contouring to other areas besides the breasts
  • TriBeCa Plastic Surgery utilizes the LipoStructure® technique innovated by Dr. Sydney R. Coleman that meticulously injects fat for improved results
  • Recommended only for women who wish for a modest size increase and have enough fat in donor sites

Breast Implants

  • A silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution
  • FDA approved for women 18 years or older
  • Inserted as an empty shell and then filled with saline
  • Utilizes a smaller incision site
  • May create a firmer looking and feeling breast
  • A silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel
  • FDA approved for women 22 years or older
  • Closely simulates the look and feel of natural breast tissue
  • Requires a larger incision site


  • Implants are placed under the breast tissue (mammary glands) but above the pectoral muscles
  • Enables the implants to follow the natural breast shape
  • Less complicated technique that yields a quicker recovery time


  • Implants are placed under the breast tissue (mammary glands) and the pectoral muscles
  • Causes less damage to the breast tissue
  • Less visible rippling
  • Provides more implant support


  • The incisions are created around the outer edge of the areola
  • Minimal scarring
  • May limit your ability to breastfeed


  • The incisions are located under the breast where it meets the chest wall
  • No visible scarring
  • Allows for larger incisions

You’ve Just Had a Breast Augmentation! Now What?

Your recovery will be closely monitored by TriBeCa Plastic Surgery to ensure the best results possible. Each patient heals differently depending on her overall health and the technique used. Here are some general ideas of what to expect during your recovery process.

Before & After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Fat transfer will not provide any lift, and implants only provide a slight lift. If breast sagging is a concern, discuss with TriBeCa Plastic Surgery about combining a breast lift with your augmentation.
A. Shaped implants have a textured, rougher surface, which helps hold them in place to prevent them from rotating in the breast pocket. Textured implants may help prevent complications like capsular contracture and bottoming out.
When the fat is transferred to the breast, a percentage of it will be reabsorbed by the body. For this reason, fat transfer is ideal only for patients who wish to have a slight increase in size (about one cup). If you desire a larger increase, implants are your best option.

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